Bulk Business Gifting

Bulk Business Gifting simplifies the ordering process while strengthening personal bonds with your customers and employees.

Assorted Cookie Box Ordering

Coffee Cake and Cookie Ordering

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Company Logo and Color Customization Available.

Nationwide shipping. Local delivery in the Seekonk, MA area available upon request.

Many diet styles to choose from including old-fashioned, gluten free and vegan. Check out our Cookie Page to see descriptions and get ingredient information.

House-made ingredients include vanilla extract, vanilla sugar, vanilla powder, apple sugar, banana sugar and lemon sugar.

Local ingredients include farm fresh eggs, honey, peanut butter, maple syrup and produce.

All bulk business gifting orders are customized to fit your company needs and are available in numerous tiers to fit any budget.

Minimum order of 5 

  • Personalized
    • Coroporate favors
    • Employee gifts
    • Bulk holiday gifts
  • Conferences/Meetings/Training
    • Marketing
    • Provide a delicious break for your team
  • Employee Appreciation
    • Holiday gifting
    • Project completion and incentives
  • Client Relations
    • Holidays, Anniversaries, or Birthdays
  • Pricing to fit your budget needs, whether you’re placing an order for  5 or 500
    • All major credit cards accepted
    • Invoicing available with prior approval
  • Local Delivery available; nationwide shipping
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