Benefits of locally sourced food

Everyone is jumping on the band wagon of locally sourced products whether they are grown, raised or produced. Why? Although there are many reasons including economy, freshness and even trend, I think health is the best reason of all.

Knowing your food is critical for overall health. What is the nutrition value, its origin, and how is it processed are all questions of importance. I know, funny that a baker, essentially a maker of treats should be worried about any of those items, but in reality I worry about them all. My goodies are made with as many local ingredients that are available, with healthier alternatives when possible and always minimally processed.

Just a couple reasons to buy local.

Fruits and veggies from local farms or farmers markets…whether farmed  organic, I.P.M. or more conventional methods will always be fresher than store bought. The fresher picked the fruit or veggie is the more nutritional value it will have.

Cross contamination is another reason to buy local. Contamination can occur from handling so common sense tells us less hands equals less chance of passing along harmful bacteria. Local farmers and producers have minimal handling (employees) and therefore lessen the chances of transfer through human contamination.

Education about your food and it’s sourcing doesn’t get any better than straight from the producers mouth. If you are interested in your food cycle then you should visit your local farms, farmers markets and small businesses to get the most direct education out there.

So local…an awesome weapon to have in your arsenal of health and wellness realization.