Cheese Crackers

These extra cheesy, super yummy and ridiculously addictive crackers will satisfy even the most desperate snack craving. That they are whole grain, gluten free, and sugar free is just a bonus!

Crackers are almond flour based, come in a 7 oz. container and are available in 5 flavors.

Cheddar Cheese Cravers ~ The original cracker made with oodles of extra sharp Cheddar cheese, and just enough cayenne pepper and onion powder to give them a little kick.

Garlic Bread ~ Geared towards one of our favorite food vices and made with Parmesan cheese, fresh minced garlic and parsley.

Italian Parmesan ~ Tangy Parmesan and our house made Italian seasoning make up this full flavored favorite.

Monterey Ranch ~ Made with our house made ranch seasoning and smooth Monterey Jack cheese.

White Cheddar Chili ~ Sharp White Cheddar cheese, chili seasoning and cayenne help give this cracker the spicy nudge you’ve been craving.


All products are manufactured in a kitchen that also produces items containing wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, dairy, and egg