create your own cookie MA and RI

Congratulations you have been selected to join our exclusive Creation Club!

Now let your inner artist fly free and “Create Your Own Cookie”!

Choose the diet style and ingredients you want and let us make a cookie that is perfect for you.


Need some inspiration? Check out some of our past creations.


Cookie creations are mixed, baked, wrapped in convenient to store 2 packs, boxed and shipped all in the same day.  

“Create Your Own Cookie” allows you to be creative and build your cookie from the ground up by choosing your own diet style and ingredients.

House made ingredients include apple sugar, banana sugar, lemon sugar, vanilla extract, vanilla sugar

Local ingredients include farm fresh eggshoneypeanut buttermaple syrup and produce.


Each cookie weighs approximately 2 oz.

1 Dozen Cookies

Cookie Creators receive 10% off all reorders of their “Create Your Own Cookie” recipes.