Customized Cookie Assortment

Build a more personal bond with your customers and employees with a Customized Cookie Assortment made especially for them.

When you purchase a Customized Cookie Assortment you choose three flavors, occasion and your personal message.

Cookies come in a stylish gift box with matching ribbon.

Hand delivered locally or shipped nationwide.

Your Customized Cookie Assortment will contain 12 fresh baked cookies of your choice.

Our small batch, hand-scooped cookies weigh between 1.5 oz. – 2 oz. depending on the flavor.

Many diet styles to choose from including old-fashioned, gluten free and vegan. Check out our Cookie Page to get descriptions and ingredient information.

House made ingredients include vanilla extract, vanilla sugar, vanilla powder, apple sugar, banana sugar and lemon sugar.

Local ingredients include farm fresh eggs, honey, peanut butter, maple syrup and produce.

Don’t see the cookie flavors you’re looking for or want to tweak a recipe?  Customize It!

Assorted Cookie Basket

Want to make it extra special?   Personalize It!