Meet the Owner

Ever since I was old enough to hold a crayon I have been crafting.

From making projects in grade school, designing cards as a teen, to assembling collages as a young adult I’ve always had the desire to create items made uniquely for the special people in my life.

Over 35 years ago I first started watching and helping my grandmother cook and bake. As an adult I can certainly appreciate how she would let me “help” knowing how “help” from the young really works. My hope is that she got as much joy letting me “help” as I do from my own children, nieces, and nephews.

When I was old enough she taught me the “right” way to roll out a crust, measure flour, and mix my ingredients. Being trusted with the secret recipes from the “family recipe box” was both exciting and daunting. The feeling of pleasure I felt when she would complement me was and still is immeasurable. Eventually she started asking me to make the “treats” and that’s when I discovered baking as my true passion.

Gifting like creating has always given me great pleasure. The more personal the gift the better and it doesn’t get any more personal than creating a unique treat made exclusively for someone special. Creating something that makes people realize how special they are is a wonderful feeling for both the giver and receiver.

I still make all those “secret recipes” in the same old fashioned way that I was taught but now I make them in my own kitchen. The “family recipe box” will be passed down again someday, but with the added recipes of my own creations.


Darlene Sicard

Owner, D’s Lectables

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