Like Cookies?!? So do your clients!

Local delivery and nationwide shipping available.

corporate cookie gift boxes MA and RI

Whether for 5 employees or 500 we can fit your needs. Gifts can be shipped to single or multiple locations. Items are wrapped individually for safety and freshness.

Please contact Darlene at or 401-323-2657 for your customized needs.

freshly baked thank you gifts MA and RI

Adding Warmth and Good Cheer with Fresh Baked Goodies!

Here at D’s we strive to offer a large variety of treat options in many different diet styles. Through years of experiments and open mindedness we have developed an enormous compilation of recipes and alternative ingredient options to suit most diets. Using the freshest, high quality ingredients we are able to offer what we consider “healthier” treat choices in old-fashioned, whole grain, gluten free, refined sugar free, and vegan options. Most of our products contain Local Ingredients and/or House-Made Ingredients.